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Computer Hardware

 At PC Center, we pride ourselves on offering custom built computer systems, computer hardware, and computer services geared to your needs.

Your system will not be oversold (loaded with more features and software than you need) or underpowered (too slow or not enough computer
memory for those great new games). We quote a custom built computer system that’s right for you, and we build it at an affordable price.
Computers for home, business, school, college, seniors and gamers

Custom Built Computer Systems

We have everything you need.

  • Desktop computers.
  • LCD Monitors.
  • Computer memory (RAM) and Hard Drives.
  • Video and Audio cards.
  • Network cards and wireless networks.
  • Speaker systems.
  • Wireless keyboards and mice.
  • Optical drives (DVD/RW, CD/RW, CD-ROM)
  • Cases, motherboards, and CPUs.
  • Flash drives and external USB 2.0 Hard Drives.
  • Power supplies and battery backups.
  • Affordable computer services and troubleshooting.