Data Recovery

Computer crash caused you to lose all your files or family photos?
  • Hard drive data recovery

  • Hard drive replacements

  • Hard drive enhancements

  • HD / SSD Cloning - Copy

Hardware Services

Looking to get a video card upgrade for better game play? Do you need to make your machine run faster?
  • Hardware upgrades

  • Hardware replacements

  • Hardware upgrade packages


We work on anything and everything related to the health of your PC and/or Computer.
  • Virus prevention / Tune Ups

  • Virus care packages

  • Virus defense / removal


Custom Built Machines

At PC Center, we pride ourselves on offering custom built computer systems, computer hardware, and computer services geared to your needs.

Your system will not be oversold (loaded with more features and software than needed) or under-powered (too slow or not enough computer memory for those great new games). We quote a custom built computer system that's right for you, and we build it at an affordable price. We build computers for home, business, school, college, seniors and gamer's.

Custom Built Computer Systems:

  • Desktop Computers new/upgrade / rebuild
  • Laptop Computers upgrade / rebuild
  • LCD MonitorsĀ upgrade
  • Computer Memory (RAM) and Hard DrivesĀ upgrade
  • Video and Audio card upgrade
  • Network Cards and Wireless Network equipment
  • SSD / Hard Drives
  • Speaker (Sound) Systems
  • Wireless Keyboards and Mice
  • Optical Drives (DVD/RW, CD/RW, CD-ROM)
  • Cases, Motherboards, and CPU's
  • Flash Drives and External USB 3.0 Hard Drives
  • Power Supplies and Battery Backups

Virus and Malware Protection

Keeping your computer running like the first day is tough. Especially for those of us who download from the web! If your system is running sluggish or you know you have malware, bring it in to have a certified Technician look into your system.


Message a Technician

Contact us and we can come up with a plan to get current device repaired, the machine of your dreams built and/or anything and everything in between. The possibilities are endless.

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